It’s time to get clear.

Follow the 8 steps in my Career Clarity Workbook to discover what you really want from your career and make your next career move a conscious one.

Free Career Clarity Workbook

Stop waiting for career fulfilment to find you.

It’s common to feel unfulfilled in your career without knowing why.

Many people think that fulfilment will come from the next promotion and pay rise – and sometimes they’re right. But for others, each new step up the corporate ladder brings an increasing sense of something missing, of struggle without reward.

In reality, it is impossible to understand what makes you happy at work without first understanding your strengths, your priorities, your preferences, and your opportunities for advancement. Without it, you may find yourself feeling “stuck”, waiting for the right opportunity but feeling dissatisfied not only with your job, but with the impact it has on your personal life as well.

Gain some Career Clarity.

Your personal Career Clarity Session will be tailored to your specific career challenge. During the process, you can expect to participate in a diagnostic experience where you become self-aware not only of your challenges, but of your strengths as well. Over the course of time, you will be able to map your ideal “future” state for your overall life and how your career will fit into it. You will discover the type of work that is fulfilling to you and what drives you to perform. From there, you will develop your career navigation strategy and begin to identify and embrace your mentors and coaches.

  • Seek out, identify and optimise career opportunities now and in the future
  • Manage challenges with a leader, your peers or your team
  • Chart vertical or lateral moves within your organisation
  • Support new leaders of all levels to become effective in a new environment, with new responsibilities
  • Create a roadmap for developing leadership skills, qualifications, education, and relationships that support your ambitions
  • Develop awareness of what fulfils you as an individual to empower you to select the right career opportunities from those that present themselves
Career Coaching Packages

Career Clarity Session

  • 1 hour personal phone consultation
  • Career Clarity Workbook
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Career Coaching Session

  • 1.5 hour personal phone consultation
  • Career Clarity Workbook
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*All prices inclusive of GST and transaction fees. Face to face sessions with custom pricing available on request.

What to expect

During career coaching, you’ll become clearer about the direction of your career, whether you’re searching for a new role, or simply seeking greater satisfaction in your current role. We will focus on matching your strengths with your workplace priorities and preferences to more effectively navigate your career.

Whether it’s improving your relationships with your leader, peers, clients, and staff, to planning a transition to a new job or career field, the process will deliver insight, clarity and a pragmatic, tangible way forward.

  • Understand what you believe your core career challenge is at present and why you want to explore possible solutions
  • Identify what you would like to achieve during the time with your career coach
  • Work together to achieve your desired outcomes
  • Receive individualised attention to your needs, allowing you to spend time discussing the career areas that pose the greatest challenge

“Shanelle’s background as a well-rounded senior executive was critical as it helped provide context and a level of trust that her advice transcends theory and has a healthy dose of pragmatism. Shanelle spent time at the beginning to gain a deep insight into my experience and how this experience has shaped my competency and the ultimate value I might bring to an organisation. Building on the insights from our early sessions, Shanelle helped me to bring clarity to my aspirations. I feel empowered to manage my career on my terms, with a framework that will help me to shape my future. I would encourage anyone who is looking for direction on career to engage Shanelle, she is a revelation.” – Senior Executive, ASX 200 Company