Design the career you really want.

Does it feel like your career has happened by accident, or been shaped by the needs and actions of others?  

  • Envision your ideal future state
  • Identify your motivators, strengths & weaknesses
  • Understand your workplace priorities & preferences
  • Get clear on your personal brand
  • Identify your career milestones
  • Build your Career Roadmap

Shanelle Moloney, Managing Director

“We often start our careers with a goal in mind – a job we want to land or a cause we want to support. Then as we go on, certain realities and practicalities lead us to make compromises.

But there comes a time to take stock of where you’re headed and ask yourself if your career is delivering what’s important to you. I designed the Career Clarity Workbook to help you with that process. I hope it provides some guidance and structure to support your thinking.”

Design the career you really want with help from expert career consultant, Shanelle Moloney.